Halal is easy.
Let us show you!

HalalBee locates restaurants near you
that meet your halal needs.


Find halal food near you

Tired of the struggle to find halal food whenever you're out?
We heard you! HalalBee helps you find halal food near you. Use the location finder or key in the address into the search bar. Nearby restaurants with halal options will be displayed to you!


Halal is important to you. We get it.

HalalBee is made by Muslims for Muslims. We want to help you practise your faith and for you to keep to halal.We perform checks on the halal-certification of meat and on cross-contamination. This information is all available on HalalBee so you can eat easy.


Tired of Kebabs? Wish you could try something new?

View available cuisines in the website. Depending on the availability of restaurants, you may get to try something new!


Halal menus in the palm of your hand.

Browse through the full range of halal options of a restaurant on HalalBee, complete with pictures and description of dishes*. You no longer have to rely on staff to point out which dishes are halal and rack your brain trying to recall the options.

*Subject to availability.

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